r a period of 17 years I battled a dying eye, hordes of meds that left me sleeping 12-14 hours a day and ultimately in an eye patch. Its hard to focus when there’s intense pain in your head.
I was lucky, I had family, friends, daughters, a new wife and an x-wife who stood beside me, helped me and as most stories go, there was an end game, a conclusion, a chapter closed. I brought back FOCUS into my life.
Folks, life is rough, life is great, days are Grand but some days don’t go as planned. Ask yourself if Your Focus is on track. Look into the camera’s lens, a mirror and ask yourself, WHAT AM I FOCUSED ON.
When the lens of a camera is out of focus, the shot isn’t clear. When we as people, a society are focused on the negatives, looking for the next implosion, the next offense, then we get what we’re looking for. Fine tune your lens. Chart a clearer path, focus in on living your life in a postive manner. Chart your course, form a clear plan. Stick to being pleasant. It matters.
“Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows”, its just that simple. Have a great Day.

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