How do Realtors, Real Estate professionals come up with a Listing price? Folks, the market and home valuations are sky rocketing. Homes coming on the market, if priced accordingly, in show condition, routinely go under contract in the 1st 10 days. If it doesn’t, I re evaluate quickly as buyers are moving quick. I listed a home yesterday and within 15 hours received 4 contracts with 5 appointments to show the home today as well. How do I handle all this? The most important part upfront is evaluating the value of the home based on a Per Sq. Ft. average. I take the comps, solds, and figure out my listings sq.ft value and list it at or near that number. It does me no good to over price the average home. The appraisal will come in, and we will be forced to sell at or near their number. I also evaluate the buyers ability to close. Who is their lender? I call them, I take notes. I also evaluate the special stips. What are they asking for, what’s their close date, whose their attorney. All these are important and all make a difference to your seller. Get it right the 1st time around guys. Our sellers deserve it.