Robert Mason In a recent online discussion, the topic ARE REALTORS NECESSARY TO SELL A HOME. My reply is: “Agents are working with over 95% of the buyers and sellers, in any given market. Agents routinely don’t show homes sold by owners. The reasons are multiple, but the biggest problem is negotiating with an owner with no experience to the process, communication process with the attorney, the inspection process, and many other steps. There is the reality that an owner selling their own home won’t understand a proper analysis of the CMA process, not to say they can’t, its just what we Realtors do daily and how we look at the appraisal/CMA process. Just because a home sold in your neighborhood, doesn’t suggest the sales price of yours. Upgrades, floor plan, lot size and use ability, kitchen functions, etc come to play major parts in the process. The monies a homeowner may save by not listing, then paying only a buyers agent are routinely lost by the owner. How this? By not knowing how to price, nor negotiate a bunch of items on the total of all that goes into listing, negotiating, getting under contract and then the backside of the inspection/due diligence faze, dealing with title and attorneys, then assuring the HUD and deed work is all done correctly. This may all seem easy, but in my 25 years, its Never been easy.I will say 1 last thing that stymies realtors from working with an owner. Owners are emotionally attached to the home in ways we don’t see. When I’ve negotiated with sellers direct, I have had to walk away from the negotiation when the seller could not, would not follow the legal aspects of the contract, nor would realize the appraisal values I’d give them after giving them my buyers contract. Realtors time is money, just like everyone elses, and we cannot afford to waste our time, if the sellers not reasonable, Therefore, we chose to pass on showing unrepresented homes, many times, as its Just easier to work with another professional realtor instead. This is not to demonize or belittle a possible owner who wants to sell. I’m just giving My, a Realtors perspective on the process.